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Licorice Basil Seed - Non-GMO

  • $2.19

Licorice Basil - Country Creek Acres

  • A great addition for any annual flower planter.
  • Basil is one of the most popular herbs gown by home gardeners.
  • Leaves will grow to a bright green with purple accents, and it’s flowers are also edible!
  • Grows up to around fifteen inches tall with leaves reaching up to two inches long.
  • Free Shipping! Every product is packaged in air-tight, resealable bags!


Licorice basil is a strong, flavorful variety of basil which grows into vibrant green plants with hints of purple on the foliage. These plants are not only beautiful, but reward growers as an immensely fragrant addition to the home garden. As the name would imply, both licorice and anise are prevalent in the flavor of the basil. Licorice, growing in the ground or in containers, thrives in warm weather climates which receive ample sunlight. Like many other varieties of basil, licorice flavored basil plants are extremely easy to grow.