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Kentucky Blue Pole Bean Seeds, Country Creek Acres Brand, Non-GMO Seeds

  • $3.19

  • Straight, Stringless Pods
  • This high quality pole bean is a cross between Kentucky Wonder and Blue Lake
  • Great side dish to any meal. Or light snack

Kentucky Blue is an All-America Selections winner that combines the excellence of the all-time greatest pole beans: Kentucky Wonder and Blue Lake. You get big crops of sweet, straight, stringless pods 7" long. A heavy yielder for many weeks. Pole beans yield much longer than bush beans, right up to frost. Plant 4-6" apart at the base of poles, a trellis, a fence or our Bean Tower. Delicious. No garden is complete without Beans. Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean is a wonderful heirloom variety with good old-fashioned taste and prolific production of pods. Kentucky Wonder is a classic, and popular pole bean that appeared sometime in the 1850s. Although it had many names, it has faithfully made its way into seed catalogs every year since. Talk about reliability and dependability. What makes Kentucky Wonder so special? Kentucky Wonder has 7-10" pods Kentucky Wonder is a perfect green bean for fresh, cooked, frozen or canned bean Kentucky Wonder is a heavy producer born in clusters over an extended season Kentucky Wonder is stringless & tender when young, the green pods are rich in flavor Kentucky Wonder is perfect for growing on fences or poles Kentucky Wonder is highly adaptable Kentucky Wonder reaches only 4'-5' for easy harvest Kentucky Wonder is rust resistance . All seeds are packaged and for the current growing season.