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Beets micro green instructions

Growing Directions:

Beets are very different to sprout they need basically the opposite of any other sprout. They need trays , very little water just a spraying ,  and no soaking , They also need black out  darkness zero light  exposure.  I would research how to sprout Beets. It will be helpful to you in your process. 

Grow beet microgreens seeds only in soil. Beet seeds are an abnormally shaped seed, which contributes to why its preferred medium is soil. Their root systems also require a bit more room to explore and grab hold.

Prepare your soil in your tray by tamping it and making sure it is moist. After presoaking, sow your seeds and then cover with a thin layer of soil. This provides the ideal conditions for the seeds to germinate. After a while, the beets will start to poke through the the top layer—which also serves to de-shell the seed. Keep covered with the blackout dome for up to five days. After that, place under a grow light or in sunlight until mature! Cut close to the soil line to feature the red stem.


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