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Chicory instructions

How to Grow Chicory and Step by Step Guides to Chicory growing

1. Arrange the soil. Chicory can live or grow within well drained land where is fertile with nutrients. However, the Chicory plant will grow inside other soils when they are improved with organic fertilizers and a lot of compost manure.

2. Spread the plant/seeds for 9 inches to 1.5 foot apart with 1.5 inches deep. Try to grow this plant/seed in early spring until summer for the period of one month following the final frost.

3. Expect the plant/seeds to sprout and separate seedlings to have them grown up over 8 inches apart. The sprouting time for Chicory growth is from  to 4 weeks.

4. Remove the wild weeds from your sprouts and spray water onto them well. If you would love to harvest either plants or roots, you can do after three months and a half. The foliage can be picked out of the garden or used within a new salad.

5. This phase is the time when seed Chicory starts to shoot or germinate. Therefore, arrange pots to plant the Chicory roots. This time, the soil should be fine for them like sand kept in a shed with the cool temperature.

6. Trim their roots on a straight line, one to three inches above its crown.

7. Grow the cut roots to stimulate the crown to be one or three inches on top of the ground.

8. Store other upturned pots above the root tops. Block pot holes to prevent daylight from impacting the plants/seeds.

9. The tender and small leaves are harvested after around 7 weeks. The shoots are valuable in favor of their soft texture and mild flavor.

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