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Daisy instructions

When & Where to Plant Daisies

Potted Shasta daisies are planted in the fall and early spring. Seeds of Shasta daisy and Oxeye daisy are sown in early winter through late spring, and can also be sown in fall. Select a sunny site for your plants or seeds with well-draining soil rich in organic matter. Protection from strong winds is also preferred as some taller varieties can flop over.


Light: Shasta daisy and ox-eye daisy do best in full sun. They can tolerate part-shade conditions, but flowering will be reduced.

Soil: Average to sandy soil works well for these daisies. Overly dry conditions will result in the plant losing vigor over the season and eventually dying out.

Spacing: 24-30 inches for plants. If spacing seeds and not broadcasting them, Shasta daisy should be spaced 6 inches apart and thinned to strong plants at least 18 inches apart. Ox-eye daisy seeds are often broadcast on disturbed soil and raked in for a more natural look.

Shasta daisies are rhizomatic and spread underneath the soil, increasing the clump size fairly quickly. Ox-eye daisies are notoriously vigorous, spreading through seed and rhizomes. Ox-eyes are considered invasive in some states and it is important to check this before planting.

Planting: Plant potted plants in fall or early spring and seeds in winter, spring, or fall.