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Dalton's Instructions

This is an original homemade mix handpicked by the Country Creek Staff containing: 

Broccoli- Helps protect vision, fight cancer and diabetes.

Red Clover- is a source of many valuable nutrients including proteins, minerals, including calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, silicon, as well as vitamins A, B-12, C, E and K. 

Fenugreek- Rich in a polysaccharide known as galactomannan, it provides a feeling of fullness therefore dissuading overeating.

High Germination rate - Organic, Non-GMO Red Clover, Broccoli and Fenugreek seeds. Great for growing Sprouts in jars, home garden or planters. Wonderful addition to Salads, sandwiches and wraps. 


Recommended Sprouting instructions:

If you want to grow micro-greens instead of sprouts, planting the seeds in soil is one way to do it, though it can get pretty messy. You only need a few pieces of equipment for the job.

  • Organic potting soil or coir-based potting soil
  • A flat without drainage holes. Other containers work well, too, including take-out containers, plant pots, and empty yogurt containers.
  • Grow lights or a sunny windowsill
  1. Start by filling the flat or container with the potting soil to within an inch of the upper rim.
  2. Then, sow the seeds very thickly. Since your microgreens are harvested when very young, they don’t need a lot of room to grow.
  3. Cover the seeds with a light dusting of potting soil and water them in well.
  4. Place the tray under grow lights or in a sunny windowsill (see lighting section below).
  5. Keep the soil well watered, but remember that there are no drainage holes in the bottom of the tray so it’s very easy to overwater. Don’t overdo it.
  6. Microgreens and other varieties are ready to harvest as soon as they develop their first set of true leaves.

Don’t reuse the potting soil to grow more microgreens as it will be depleted of nutrients. Empty the tray and refill with fresh potting soil to grow your next round.