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Living Growing Trellis Tent + FLOWER Seeds- for Planting, Vining and Playing. Seed Play Love - Country Creek Acres

  • $59.99

This living backyard play tent Includes:
-Materials for play tent structure
-pennant flag waterproof solar
-powered string lights water
-resistant picnic blanket
-YOUR CHOICE of 25+ Flower seeds
-Seed Play Love sticker
 -"How to" pamphlet to set up your tent trellis.

  • Easy to Grow: Fast-climbing vines create a play tent cover in just 6-8 weeks from sprouting.
  • Fun to Eat: Once fully matured you can snack right of the vine or later harvest to cook in your favorite veggie dish.
  • Fun with the Family, or your own Get-Away! - The possibilities are endless.
  • Re-use each year. This is a fun activity to look forward to every growing season.
  • If you do not have a yard your Seed Play Love Tent Trellis can still grow in flower pots and placed on your patio or deck.- shown in picture
  • Country Creek Acres- FREE SHIPPING!

Your living backyard play tent Includes: Materials for play tent structure, pennant flag, waterproof, solar-powered string lights, water-resistant picnic blanket, 25 + Flower seeds, Seed Play Love sticker and a "How to" pamphlet to set up your tent trellis. Dimensions: Footprint is 4 x 4.5ft. Height is 6ft Easy to Grow: Fast-climbing vines create a play tent cover in just 6-8 weeks from sprouting. Simple to Assemble: Team up as a family to set up your play tent and sow the colorful seeds directly into the soil or in containers on a sunny patio. Re-use each Year: At the end of the growing season, you can compost the vines, save your seeds and store the play tent structure until the spring. Fun to Eat: Munch on the tender young green beans right off the vine and later harvest your mature crop and cook the pods as a healthy side dish, or soak the beans overnight and enjoy a hearty stew. Glow in the Dark: The play tent’s magic comes alive at dusk when the solar fairy lights start to sparkle as the sunlight fades. Go Play Outside: Grab a friend and read a good book together, let your imagination run wild, or take a snooze as your backyard hideaway blooms. Great to Grandparents to play with the grandkids, animal friendly, "Hide Away" for you or play area for the kids! - The possibilities are endless! We sell this Trellis Tent with Several different seed types- Please look at the rest of our listings for the variety of seeds you would like for your tent! - (Other seeds sold separately). (The exact plant used in the photos is a runner bean). You can use several other vining items such as light weight veggies or flowers. If you do not have a yard, this can still grow nicely in growing pots on your patio or deck. (Shown in picture).