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Quinoa Sprouting Seed, Organic, Non GMO - Country Creek Acres Brand - Quinoa

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Country Creek LLC

Quinoa Microgreen Seed

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Description & Nutritional Value

Quinoa microgreens are the microgreen versions of the plant that grow out of quinoa seeds. They contain the same nutritional profile as quinoa but have the added vitamins and minerals that come from the greens of the microgreens. And they are quite easy to grow as you grow them similarly to other microgreens. When it comes to health, you can never go wrong with quinoa microgreens as they come with the same benefits as the superfood quinoa but with more vitamins and minerals. Quinoa microgreens are gluten-free and relatively lower in terms of sugar content compared to other types of food that can be good sources of carbs. It is during the microgreen stage that quinoa is at its best in terms of its protein profile as it becomes an even more complete source of vegan protein. 

How To Grow

Cool climate gardeners rejoice! Quinoa is the crop for you. Originating from the high altitude slopes of the Andes Mountains, quinoa plants are accustomed to short days, cool temperatures, lots of light, and consistently moist conditions. Unfortunately, due to their size, quinoa plants are unsuitable as container plants; however, they make excellent additions to any existing vegetable or flower garden. Overall, quinoa plants are low-maintenance, easy-to-grow plants. Quinoa plants grow well in a bright sunny location that receives several hours of direct light a day. However, partial shade from the most intense heat of the day is recommended. Quinoa seedlings require consistently moist (but not waterlogged) soil until they are established. Quinoa plants are considered to be a cool-climate crop, and they do best when grown in cold, dry climates. 

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How To Use 

Quinoa is an extremely versatile ingredient and can be used in a variety of savory and sweet dishes. If you're ever confused about where to use quinoa, simply use it in place of rice. If your salads just aren't filling (or tasty) enough, add cooked and cooled quinoa to your salad, along with a flavor-packed dressing. Quinoa isn't just a savory ingredient - you can use it as a base for breakfast porridge and add your favorite fruit, nuts and yoghurt on top. Because protein-packed quinoa is a great vego alternative to meat, it acts as a perfect, flavourful substitute for taco 'meat' when cooked with spices and salsa.

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All Seeds are grown and packaged in the U.S. (Each bag is individually labeled)

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All seed lots are tested for germination.

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Works great with any type of sprouter.

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