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Love in the mist Instructions

Growing Tips

Love in a mist is best grown with very good exposure to the sun, and it is best to plant in either south-facing or west-facing sites. The soil needs to be well-drained too.

If you are sowing the seed directly into garden soil, you will need a relatively fine consistency. This makes it easier for shoots to push out into the light. When planting, be careful not to overcrowd, as the plants will compete for food, water and light. Sow your seeds thinly. Thin your plants out once they are about 2 to 3cm (1 inch) tall, leaving 10cm (4 inches) between them to prevent overcrowding. With Love-in-a-mist, the more space you give them, the longer they will continue ti bloom. Thinning out again after 6 weeks is probably a good idea. Aim to have the plants about 6 inches apart.

They are a fairly hardy flower, which is why they require low maintenance. However, if you have planted them in a particularly windy location, it is best to support the stems with a cane.