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Aguadulce Fava Bean Seeds, Non-GMO, Country Creek Acres Brand

  • $6.59

Fava beans, also called faba or broad beans, are an annual legume plant believed to have originated in Northern Africa and/or Asia. This plant is grown for its large, edible, and nutritious seeds which are encased in long, thick, downy pods. As if it’s delicious and nutritious seeds weren’t enough, fava beans also fix nitrogen and can be grown as a cover crop to improve your soil quality. Generally considered easy to grow, this is a great crop for beginner and expert gardeners alike. Aguadulce is an extremely hardy broad bean with good taste and texture. Easy to grow, it can be planted from late fall through early spring in most climates. Plants will grow up to 4′ tall and sport 6–7″ long bean pods, each containing between 5 and 9 large, white beans.