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Turmeric Seasoning - Mildly Spicy, Warm with Floral Aromas. - Country Creek LLC

Turmeric Seasoning - Mildly Spicy, Warm with Floral Aromas.

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Turmeric Seasoning - Country Creek Acres

  • Has been used in India for thousands of years as a spice and medicinal herb.
  • Turmeric is the spice that gives curry its yellow color.
  • It's one of the main components of curry powder.
  • Spicy, warm, and floral with a mildly bitter aftertaste,
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Turmeric is an underground rhizome (root) which is then ground to make turmeric powder. It is used in cooking and as a dietary supplement. Known for its fragrant aroma and slightly bitter taste, turmeric is a familiar and well-used culinary spice in Indian cuisine. Turmeric is a staple ingredient in Indian curries and is served in tea in Japan. In the United States, turmeric powder is found in mustard, cheese and other foods — even lattes. Aside from having a great flavor kick, turmeric offers numerous health benefits. While it may lose some minor freshness and pungency during the grinding root process, the powder carries a vibrant color and offers more diversity in use.


*This item is purchased in a 2-10 pound resealable bag