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Sprouting is easy although you have to be patient for those little sprouts to grow. Here are the steps to make about 2 cups of sprouted quinoa: 

  1. Rinse 1 – 1.5 cups of quinoa thoroughly with cold water. Place the quinoa into a 1-quart mason jar. Fill this jar to the top with more cold water. Let it soak for about six hours. 
  1. Pour out the water and put a sprouting lid on the jar. This lid can also be used as a strainer. Or, you can use a fine mesh strainer. After you pour the water out, set the jar with the sprouting lid on upside down in a bowl/container to catch excess dripping water. 
  1. About every 6 or so hours (or whenever you have time to/remember), rinse the quinoa with water, pour out, and put the jar upside down over the bowl again. 
  1. It will take a day or two for sprouts to form. Once you see little-thread-like spouts coming from the quinoa, place the quinoa on a tray or plate and cover with a cloth or parchment paper to keep away dust. Move this tray away from direct sunlight and keep at room temperature. Allow time for the quinoa to fully dry out 
  1. Store in a sealed plastic bag or sealed glass container in the refrigerator to keep cool and ensure freshness. It’s best to use these sprouts within two weeks! 


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