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Radish Seed ,Hailstone White , Heirloom, NON-GMO Seeds, Radishes

  • $2.19

30 days. Raphanus sativus. Plant produces flavorful white round radishes. Radishes have a mild taste and are crisp and tender. Excellent for salads and gourmet garnishes. This is a beautiful white radish that tastes great. It's sweet, mild and crisp. The greens are easy to wash and great in salads. It also grows well, quickly and prolific. It doesn't require a lot of thinning. Once you pull the big ones the little ones will grow to replace them. Highly recommend it!. Try eating the radish greens in salads or soups. Tasty and a bit spicy. Super healthy!!

Zones 3-10 All seeds are packaged and for the current growing season.