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Glory Of The Snow Planting Instructions


An early bloomer with  lavender-blue flowers that shade to white in the center. When massed, the plants look like a summer sky fallen to earth. Left undisturbed in sun or light shade, Glory-of-the-Snow often self-sows, eventually forming a dense carpet. Glory-of-the-Snow is best suited for cold weather. It peeks out in the coldest weather to welcome Spring. There are up to 8 to 10 one inch flowers to each short 6 inch stem. There are two or three slender basal leaves per bulb, with a single flower stalk no taller than about 6 or 8 inches. They grow in forests and on mountains, and bloom in early summer as the last snows melt. These early spring bloomers need to be planted in full to partial sun in well drained soil. Their showy sprays of up to ten blooms can often be seen poking through the snow in early spring.

They should be planted 2 to three inches apart and 2 to 4 inches deep (use the shallower depth in warmer zones. They can be naturalized in lawns in colder areas where grass growth begins late in the spring. The plants grow 4-6 inches tall (10 – 15 cm).


Color:  Lavender and white

Bulb Size: 4+cm

Size:  4-6 in. In height

Bloom Time: Early Spring

Sun / light shade

Hardiness Zones:All