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Muscari Bulbs Planting Instructions

MUSCARI BULBS/ Grape Hyacinth

Muscari is a genus of perennial plants that produces distinctive bell-shaped flowers that hang downwards and resemble upturned grape bunches during springtime, which is why it is also known as the Grape Hyacinth.

Muscari plants usually produce a blue or purple flower that, in warmer climates, can be present all year. They grow up to 30cm tall and some plants have a double flower. Most of the varieties of Muscari have a grape-shaped flower and some have flowers that are two tone in colour.

Dense clusters of fragrant, rich purple blooms on thick stems.  Grape hyacinths paint the landscape in stunning shades of blue and purple in spring -- and they add the sweet scent of grape bubblegum to boot. These easy-care bulbs are frequently mass-planted to create a river effect in borders. Their tranquil color scheme is a good background for the gaudier blooms of tulips. These undemanding small bulbs spread easily in any well-drained garden soil. Great for container plantings or along walkways.

Think of them as affordable jewelry for your landscaping. We've heard these little flowers compared with the delicate work found in Faberge eggs and seen up close, the resemblance is understandable. For those inclined to snip a few small flowers for a bedside bud vase, you'll want to make sure these petite treasures are available. Many even offer a light, grapey scent to confirm that winter has past and spring really has arrived. And blues - well, these are some of the best true blues in the gardening world. Combine their color, cost and constitution and you'll agree that these belong in every garden.


Height:  3-8 inches

Sunlight:  Full

Bulb Size: 2-4cm+

Soil:  Well drained

Bloom Time: Early

Depth:  3-4 inches

 USDA Zones: 3-7

(prechill 7b-10) for 10 days

Density:  15-20 per sq. ft.

 Zones 3-10