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Savory, Summer


Savory, Herb



Delicate, pleasantly aromatic summer savory is one of the popular culinary herb widely employed in the eastern European and American cuisines. Botanically, this annual herb belongs within the mint family of Lamiaceae, and known scientifically as Satureja hortensis. . It reaches about 40-60 cm in height. Its sister variety, winter-savory, known as Satureja montana, has sharp, pungent flavor and hence, less preferred in cooking.

 Sow seeds directly into the ground 1/8 inch deep or just scatter on top of the soil. Prefers full sun and average soil. Thin to 10 inches apart in rows 16-18 inches apart. Successive sowings may be made in the spring until mid-summer. Summer savory germinates quickly, and often self-seeds. Does not transplant well. Cut as soon as the plants get about 6 inches tall and before flowering. Hang in bundles upside down in an airy place. When dry, remove leaves from the stems. Store in airtight containers.

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