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Tommies Crocus Bulb Planting Instructions

Tommies Crocus  Bulbs


A great little crocus that feels at ease everywhere. Year after year it tries hard to be the first crocus to bloom. Once it settles in your garden, it will stay loyal to you for many years. And even if the soil is weeded, raked or grubbed, always a few surviving small bulbs will remain, and produce new little tufts of flowers within a couple of years. Pinkish purple Tommies bring an elfin charm to the garden in late winter or early spring. A delightful early crocus and one of the easiest to grow. Flowers prolifically in most situations, and deer and squirrels generally leave it alone.

Note: Tommies are resistant to deer and squirrels, but burrowing rodents, such as voles and gophers, may eat the bulbs.

Color:  Pinkish Purple

Bulb Size: 5 cm

Size:  10 cm

Bloom Time: Very Early

Sun / Shade:Sun

Hardiness Zones:All