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Tulip Bulb Planting Instructions

TULIP BULBS  ( info for all tulip colors)

 A vigorous tulip of strong substance and radiant color that is sure to attract attention from a distance. One of the best  landscape tulips. Best perennial tulip and best tulip for cutting! Up to 6" diameter flower when open. Whether you are a gardener, landscaper or school, our Tulips would be the perfect deal for you!  Tulips love the sun and partial shade. It will do well in beds and borders and these bulbs are top sized! Some companies charge you $80 or $90 for top-sized bulbs, so make sure you take advantage of our great deals before they are all gone! Symbolizes eternal happiness and perfect love!


Height:  20-26 inches

Sunlight:  Full or Partial Shade

Bulb Size: 12cm+

Soil:  Well drained

Bloom Time: Early-Mid

Depth:  5-8 inches

 USDA Zones: 3-7

(prechill 7b-10) for 10 days

Density:  5 per sq. ft.