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Tulip Bulbs, Orange Planting Instructions

Tulip Bulbs, Orange


Orange Daydream Tulips - opens sunny yellow and gradually matures to the most beautiful, soft apricot orange; mildly fragrant and absolutely gorgeous with N. 'Ambergate'; 18"-20"; mid spring.

The peacocks and parrots of the bulb world, tulips offer are more sizes, shapes and colors than you can imagine for any type of garden design scheme.

Orange Dream Tulips are sturdy, produce large foliage, and are one of the first tulips to bloom in the spring. Plant tulips in well-drained soil to ensure proper root formation. Exposure to full sun will bring out the rich colors that tulips offer, but some shade will enable a longer blooming period and still offer a colorful addition to your yard or garden.

Height:  20-22  inches

Sunlight:  Full

Bulb Size: 11- 12cm+

Soil:  Well drained

Bloom Time: Early-Mid

Depth:  4-6 inches

 USDA Zones: 3-7

(prechill 7b-10) for 10 days

Density:  5 per sq. ft.