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Beet Seeds for Microgreens, Organic Seed, NON GMO

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Country Creek LLC

Beet Microgreen Seeds

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Description & Nutritional Value

Beets are a more advanced microgreen, but well worth the effort because of its stunning color and bold flavor. It takes a bit more time to mature, but once grown, the bright stems and leaves look fantastic on any dish!

Beets have so many healthy qualities! There are so many benefits to these tiny, yet powerful plants. A few of these health benefits include:

-Alleviates hypertension and cardiovascular disease
-Powerful detoxifying and antioxidant properties
-Improves immune functions
-Aids in preventing stroke, heart disease, risk of Type II         diabetes, and epileptic seizures
-Stress relief

Tray Sprouting - With Soil

 Beets are very different to sprout they need basically the opposite of any other sprout! They need trays , very little water just a spraying , and no soaking , They also need black out darkness zero light exposure. I would research how to sprout Beets. It will be helpful to you in your process.

Grow beet microgreens seeds only in soil. Beet seeds are an abnormally shaped seed, which contributes to why its preferred medium is soil. Their root systems also require a bit more room to explore and grab hold.

Prepare your soil in your tray by tamping it and making sure it is moist. Sow your seeds and then cover with a thin layer of soil. This provides the ideal conditions for the seeds to germinate. After a while, the beets will start to poke through the the top layer—which also serves to de-shell the seed. Keep covered with the blackout dome for up to five days. After that, place under a grow light or in sunlight until mature! Cut close to the soil line to feature the red stem.

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How To Serve

Beets are cousins with spinach and even more closely related to chard. That means the greens are perfectly edible.
In fact, you will prefer sautéed beet greens over about any other braised or sautéed green. (Try tossed with butter and kosher salt, and a bit of balsamic vinegar). They are fairly similar to chard in flavor, a bit more earthy.  

So you can really eat beet greens at all stages, but beet thinning's…well they are the tender baby superstar version of beet greens. (In fact, it is not uncommon to get baby beet greens in salad mixes they are so tender and tasty). And boy do we got ’em! Plant LOTS of beets this summer, we promise the germination is great, this means LOTS of thinnings. .

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All Seeds are grown and packaged in the U.S. (Each bag is individually labeled)

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All seed lots are tested for germination. 

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Works great with any type of sprouter.

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