Beet Seeds for Microgreens, Organic Seed, NON GMO

  • $6.99

Microgreen Seeds

Non-GMO Beet Seeds

Organic, packaged by hand in resealable bag.

(Each bag is individually labeled).

Country Creek Acres Brand- Beet seeds for Gardening, Sprouting, Soups, Food Storage and More. High germination rate. Available in various quantities, in resealable bags. These delicious Beet microgreens are a must for any kitchen. The powerful and fresh flavor combined with robust tones is sure to spice up any dish. Our microgreen seed comes in environmentally friendly bulk packaging so that we can also do our part to help protect the environment. All of our seed is thoroughly tested to ensure it is of the highest quality in terms of germination and purity. Our seed is 100% untreated to ensure that they are safe to eat right out of the garden or kitchen.