Bean, Burpee Stringless Green Bean Seeds, Heirloom, Delicious Bean, Country Creek Acres

  • $1.99

  • Delicious steamed, pan-fried, or processed (makes great dilly beans)
  • Medium-thickness, medium-length green beans that really satisfy.
  • Beans are high in fiber
  • Makes a terrific black bean soup
  • Can be used in place of other beans

Delicious. No garden is complete without Beans HEIRLOOM. A culinary star with exceptional flavor. No strings. This Burpee-bred favorite is crisp, meaty, juicy, and super-flavorful. A culinary star, pods are delicious in pesto, sautéed with garlic, braised, or steamed. A classic stringless heirloom of exceptional flavor. Plant yields are early and robust. Slightly curved, round pods are about 6" long. Plants are entirely self-supporting. The true "beany" flavor of this heirloom really shines when canned. No tin can taste here! It will remind you of picking summer beans while cuddled by the winter fireplace. Resistant to common and NY15 bean mosaic and pod mottle viruses, and is tolerant to powdery mildew Excellent fresh or canned. Zones 3-10 All seeds are packaged and for the current growing season.