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Black of Tuscany Kale Seeds, Non-GMO Garden Seeds by Country Creek Acres

  • $2.59

  • Country Creek LLC
  • Non-GMO seeds, High Germination Rate-
  • Each bag is resealable and individually labeled.
  • Kale has a ton of health benefits. (Please read product description below)

Not only do they add a nice twist to your salads, kale sprouts may also provide health benefits, including reducing your risk of some types of cancer and providing your body with tons of vitamin C. Kale is high in carotenoid phytonutrients and is among the highest sources of lutein, an important carotenoid for eye health, which has been found to reduce the risk for glaucoma. Other phytonutrients in kale include chlorophyll, myrosinase, glucosinolates, beta-carotene, flavonols, and lignans. When looking for black Tuscan kale, keep in mind that this nutrient-dense brassica vegetable has many names, including cavolo nero, lacinato kale, dinosaur kale, nero de toscana, Tuscan cabbage, palm tree kale, and black Tuscan palm.