Bulb, Tulip, Sunny Yellow, Bright Yellow Perennial Tulip Bulbs, Yellow Flowers

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Tulips have been a flowerbed staple almost since their discovery centuries ago. One of the first flowers to bloom in spring, tulips arrive in a variety of colors. With 100 species of yellow tulips and thousands of garden varieties, it?s hard to believe this popular flower was once the symbol of hopeless love. Strongest yellow in the world of tulips. In a sunny spot, it can come back and bloom for several springs. These giants, among the most weather-resistant of all garden Tulips, have exceptional perennial qualities and will produce many lovely flowers year after year. We recommend fertilization twice a year with Bone Meal to improve their perennial nature. Originated in Belgium around 1700. Height: 16-18 inches Sunlight: Full Bulb Size: 12cm+ Soil: Well drained Bloom Time: Early-Mid Depth: 5-8 inches USDA Zones: 3-7 (prechill 7b-10) for 10 days Density: 5 per sq. ft. Zones 3-10