Crocus Bulbs , Crocus Species Mix Purple, White, Yellow Perennial Bulb Mix.

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Crocuses are in the Iris family, Iridaceae, and are native to Europe, North Africa and temperate Asia. There are 80 species and numerous hybrids, ranging in colors of yellow, white, lavender and purple, sometimes multi-colored. The spring-blooming varieties are early blooming and showy, cup-shaped blooms often appear before the snow has melted. Our Species Crocus Mixture will bloom in a cheerful mix of gold, white, lavender and striped flowers. Planting: Plant the pointed end up in moist, well-drained soil, 3? deep and 2-4? apart. Crocuses are not fussy about soil, and will generally grow anywhere grass grows, but they do require well-draining conditions. Choose an area that receives full to part sun during the early spring season, and plant in groups of at least ten bulbs for maximum effect.