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Di Ciccio Broccoli  - Non-GMO - Produces Earthy, Sweet, and mild Flavors with a Continuous Harvest. - Country Creek LLC - Country Creek LLC

Di Ciccio Broccoli - Non-GMO - Produces Earthy, Sweet, and mild Flavors with a Continuous Harvest. - Country Creek LLC

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Di Ciccio Broccoli

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Description & Nutritional Value

Broccoli Di Ciccio is an heirloom variety that comes from Italy. It is small to medium in size compared to other varieties of broccoli and has long, thin stems. Each plant produces a central head but also offshoots with smaller heads. You can remove each head one at a time and get a continuous harvest from your broccoli Di Ciccio plants. The flavor of this broccoli variety is mild but sweet and tasty. It can be eaten raw or cooked any way you would other types of broccoli. The smaller florets are even sweeter and more ender; they are best used raw. The baby leaves of the plant can be used like kale. Broccoli is rich in vitamins A, C, and K, as well as potassium, phosphorus, and iron.

How To Grow

If you are planting in the spring, start your seeds indoors six to eight weeks before the last frost. The time to maturity for this variety can be long and varied, up to 100 days, so starting indoors is important to make the most of the growing season and to avoid your plants bolting when it gets hot. You can also sow seeds directly into the ground in the late summer to get a fall harvest, especially in places with mild winters. Broccoli plants of all types prefer fertile, well-drained soil. Amend your soil with compost, if necessary, and be sure there won’t be standing water. They also need plenty of space between plants, about two feet (60 cm.) for airflow to prevent disease and rot.

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How To Use

The stalks may be eaten like asparagus. In Italy it is usually cooked with garlic, olive oil and white wine. Broccoli can be eaten fresh or cooked. The tops of the Di Cicco broccoli heads have a soft green a purple color, and can be eaten in different ways, such as in a salad, or part of a stir fry.

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