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Dried Corn Husk Wrappers- Used for Tamales or steaming other foods- Also great for crafts- Country Creek LLC.

  • $12.99

Dried Corn Husk Wrappers

  • 5 Lb bag Corn Husk Wrappers
  • The wrappers need to be soaked to soften - Used for making tamales or steaming other foods
  • These are also used for crafts (Endless possibilities) - See Pictures.
  • Packaged and shipped from the US - Country Creek LLC
  • Free Shipping!

Corn Husks are the outside green leaves on a cob of corn. Dried Corn Husk wrappers are used to make tamales and wrapping foods for steaming. Great to use these with all your favorite tamale recipes. For Tamales - stuff with corn masa paste and a variety of tasty fillings such as, pulled pork, chicken, ground beef, beans and cheese or chilies. Another Great way to use these is to wrap your fish to grill. Wrap your fillet, then throw the whole thing on the grill. The husk helps keep the fish from drying out. It will result in a smoky, tender fillet. Want to keep your kids entertained? Dried corn husk wrappers are the way to go. There are so many fun arts and crafts ideas - the possibilities are endless. (See Pictures for some ideas).