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Dundale Pea Sprouting Seed, Non GMO - Country Creek Brand - Dundale Pea for Sprouts, Garden Planting, Cooking, Soup, Emergency Food Storage, Vegetable Gardening, Juicing

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Country Creek LLC

Dundale Pea Microgreen Seed

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Description & Nutritional Value

Often known as "field pea" or simply "Dun pea". Dundale Pea's microgreen are quick to mature 24-48" tall as a classic vining field pea that will produce all season long while restoring essential nutrients to depleted garden soils. They are a popular cool-weather cover crop, widely grown for its nitrogen-replenishing benefits and fertile, all-natural springtime "green manure". They do best when mixed with cereal grains and/or legumes; they use the other plants for support to climb on with their upward growth Heirloom Dundale pea is rich in protein-fortifying amino acids and carbohydrates and, even just a half cup serving, provides nearly 50% of daily recommended values of several essential vitamins. 

How To Grow

For more traditional sowing, plant 2-3 Dundale pea seeds 1-2” deep and 2-3” apart in organically rich, well-drained garden soil in full sun, light shade in warm summer months. Heirloom Dundale pea seeds germinate in 7-14 days, thinning back to 4-6” apart in the garden once true leaves establish.

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How To Serve

Dun Pea sprouts are crunchy and have a delicious slightly sweet fresh flavor. The same is true of microgreens / dun pea shoots. The seeds are dried, and have an excellent germination rate and can be used for food storage, garden seed, sprouting, soups and much more.

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All Seeds are grown and packaged in the U.S. (Each bag is individually labeled)

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All seed lots are tested for germination.

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Works great with any type of sprouter.

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