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Dutch Master Yellow Daffodil Flower Bulbs

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Dutch Master Yellow Daffodil Flower

Dutch Master is a traditional yellow daffodil with a large yellow trumpet and sturdy green stem that blooms mid-spring, Dutch Master loves the sun and part-shade.  Dutch Master loves the sun and the partial shade and it will do well in beds and borders and containers. Tough in the landscape, this daffodil naturalizes easily, giving warm spring blooms year after year. Plant Daffodils in fall when daytime temperatures are in the 60's during the day or lower. Plant Daffodils before the ground freezes solid in winter. This variety makes an excellent cut flower and looks beautiful in bouquets. Plant Daffodil bulbs 6-8" deep with the pointed end facing the sky. Fill the planting hole back in with soil to cover the Daffodil bulbs. Water the bulbs in after the initial planting. Avoid watering after the planting as they prefer to be dry in winter.