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Heirloom. Love in a mist care is minimal after seeds sprout. Until seedlings are actively growing they should be kept consistently moist. Once established, the love in a mist plant is Swaths of carmine paint the overlapping petals of this lovely cottage garden staple, once called 'Fennel Flower' or 'Love Entangle' in the 1600's. Sow direct and sow more than once a season for a longer period of bloom. Great cut flowers too! Self sows. Planting Love in a mist While starting seeds of the Love in a mist is not necessarily difficult. Sow Love In A Mist seeds directly in the ground in the spring when the threat of frost has passed or start in containers several weeks before transplanting into soil. Keep the ground moist but not wet for the first couple of weeks. When the seedlings stand about 3 inches tall, thin them out to at least 12 inches apart. Pick a sunny, well-drained spot for planting for the best performance. Prefers a well-drained fertile soil in a sunny position. Grows moderately well in poor soils. Plants are drought resistant though reasonable moisture levels are required for germination and also at pollination. Some forms can tolerate a pH up to 8.5, there are also some that can tolerate mild salinity. It is likely that they will also tolerate acid soils. Plants are not frost-hardy, the most cold tolerant cultivars can tolerate temperatures down to about 4?

Height: 14-20 inches

Spacing: 6-10 inches

Depth: 1/8 inch

Germination: 10-25 days