Onion Seeds , Texas Early Grano onion seeds, Heirloom, NON GMO Organic Seeds, Short Day, Vidiala Type

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Delicious. No garden is complete without Onions. Texas Early Grano is a wonderful heirloom variety with good old-fashioned taste. Released by the Texas Agricultural Experimental Station in 1944. 1933 began the Texas onion breeding program which was to produce the Mother "Grano 502" which was in the parentage of all SuperSweet onions such as Granex (Vidalia, Maui Maui and NoonDay) and the Texas 1015Y. Texas early grano forms large globe shaped vidalia-type onions. Fine eating quality, nicely uniform with a white flesh. Nice flavor that is not too pungent.

Texas Early Grano is a short day variety, but works well as an indeterminate day variety of onion as well. Slightly sweet mild, long white globes with stiff blue-green tops. Looks like a long slim leek with a 3-4" white globe of onion flesh on the end. A sweet and mild bulbing onion. Excellent yields. Great for salads and garnishes. Perfect for stir fry dishes and other dishes that call for great onion flavor. Onions start bulb formation when the day length is of the proper duration and different varieties of onions require different day lengths to initiate bulbing. In general, most common varieties fall into one of two classes, long-day (for northern latitudes) and short-day (for southern latitudes). For this reason, onion varieties that are grown in the South are not adaptable to the North and vice versa. Late plantings of the suggested varieties also result in small bulbs or lack of bulbing altogether in any location.

Seeds can be sown directly into garden when soil is warm or started in containers and transplanted when several inches tall.

Zones 3-10 All seeds are packaged and for the current growing season.