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Orange Blossom Honey - A light citrus aroma and taste with a light, refreshing sweetness.

  • $8.99

Orange Blossom Honey - Country Creek Acres

  • Orange Blossom Honey is floral, fruity, and incredibly aromatic.
  • Orange blossom honey is one of the most popular and common monofloral varieties.
  • Orange blossom honey tastes like traditional honey but with hints of citrus and a light, refreshing sweetness.

Orange Blossom honey is honey that comes from a citrus source. It has a light citrus aroma and taste, and its color is white to pale amber. Because of its mild taste and light fruitiness, is excellent to use on toast, biscuits, and other bread. It also pairs very nicely with cheeses and works really good drizzled on yogurt, ice cream, or fruit. It can add dimension to many foods, drinks, and sauces, and is particularly good for baking. You need this refreshing sweet honey in your pantry!