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Purple Queen Bush Bean Seeds - Upright, Compact, and Bushy, This Variety is Easy to Grow and Pick. - Country Creek LLC - Country Creek LLC

Purple Queen Bush Bean Seeds - Upright, Compact, and Bushy, This Variety is Easy to Grow and Pick. - Country Creek LLC

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Country Creek LLC

Purple Queen Bush Bean Seeds 

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Description & Nutritional Value

These slightly curved, round, stringless pods grow 15cm (6”) long. Harvest the abundant pods when they are pencil-thick. Though determinate, and very much a compact bush bean at only 45cm (18”) tall, the plants produce over a long period if kept picked. Purple Queen bush bean seeds have good disease resistance and superb flavor. 

How To Grow

Choose a warm sunny location with well-drained loamy soil. Check soil temperature until a thermometer indicates a consistent temperature of 60 degrees F or above. Bean seeds germinate well between 60 and 85 degrees F. Soak bean seeds overnight in a bowl or bucket of cool-to-lukewarm water to accelerate germination. Drain water and stir enough innoculant into the damp beans to coat them all thoroughly before planting. Dig rows 18 to 36 inches apart with your trowel. Work in a balanced vegetable garden fertilizer; 1 cup per 10 feet of row is adequate. Dig a 1-inch deep trench down the middle of each row. Place bean seeds in the 1-inch trench, 2 inches apart. Cover the seeds with soil, gently patting it down with your hand. Water bean rows regularly, keeping soil moist but not soaking wet. Beans need a total water supply of 1 inch per week throughout the growing season. Plant additional rows of beans every two weeks until the end of July. This will insure a steady crop throughout the summer and fall. 

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How To Use

Purple beans can be used in both cooked and raw preparations, though once cooked their exterior will fade from purple to green. Slice lengthwise to showcase their bi-colored hue and use fresh in green, stacked and grain based salads. Combine with garlic and spices to make pickled beans for use on sandwiches, salads or in spicy cocktails.

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All Seeds are grown and packaged in the U.S. (Each bag is individually labeled)

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All seed lots are tested for germination.

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Works great with any type of sprouter.

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