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Red Rubin Basil Seeds - 25 Count Seed Pack - Non-GMO- A Beautiful Reddish-Purple herb with a Delightful Aroma. - Country Creek LLC - Country Creek LLC

Red Rubin Basil Seeds - Non-GMO- A Beautiful Reddish-Purple herb with a Delightful Aroma. - Country Creek LLC

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Country Creek LLC

Red Rubin Basil Seeds

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Description & Nutritional Value

Red Rubin basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) is a red-leaved variety of basil that belongs to the popular Lamiaceae family. It is an improved variety of the so-called Dark opal basil, and its leaves have a characteristic deep purple coloring. You are already aware that the basil microgreens are rich in nutrients, and their microgreens are no exception. Surprisingly, the basil microgreens are packed with a dozen of nutrients. They contain vitamins A, C, and E and protein, potassium, phosphorous, calcium, copper, magnesium, zinc, and iron.

How To Grow 

For the most part, the cultivation of Red Rubin basil is very similar to that of the “normal” green basil. Only a few aspects of red basil care differ slightly. The seeds require light to germinate (do not cover them with soil!) It can be pre-started indoors from mid-March, in temperatures between 64-77 degrees F. Always keep the seeds moist After germination (7 – 14 days) replant the seeds into larger pots Choose a sunny location to enhance the color of the leaves.

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How To Use

Basically, Red Rubin basil can be used in the kitchen in the same way as green basil. However, its impressive color makes it especially decorative when garnishing food and it will certainly make the dishes stand out even more when dining with guests. The varying and sometimes very intense taste nuances of this red basil variety also make for lasting impressions. We recommend using red basil to make pesto. The color of red basil pesto comes more from the tomatoes rather than from the Red Rubin basil itself, though. Besides the characteristic anthocyanins, Red Rubin basil also contains various essential oils. Therefore, it has a calming and antispasmodic effect on digestion.

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All Seeds are grown and packaged in the U.S. (Each bag is individually labeled)

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All seed lots are tested for germination.

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Works great with any type of sprouter.

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