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Snapdragons Fairy Bouguet, Linaria Maroccana Seeds, Beautiful Mix of Bright Colorful Blooms

  • $3.19


An erect, slender annual native to Morocco, which has naturalized throughout the United States. Tiny, delicate flowers with long spurs glisten from short spikes. Flowers come in a multitude of colors ranging from yellow, red and pink to white or purple. Prefers full sun or partial shade, in various soils. Sow in early spring, seedlings are not winter hardy. Truly spectacular when heavily seeded in an isolated area.. Planting Spurred Snapdragon Select an area for planting. 

You can plant the seeds directly into the soil. (However, you can start them a few weeks prior to spring by planting the seeds into peat pots.) When choosing an area, keep in mind that the plants prefer full sun and well drained, sandy-type soil.

Height: 12-18"" inches

Spacing: 12-14" inches

Depth: 1/16" inch

Germination: 10-20 days