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Sparkler White Tip Radish Seed, Home garden, Sprouting Seeds

  • $2.19

  • Sparkler Radishes are two-toned from a deep red to a light cream color.
  • Its flavor is mild and earthy with a subtle sweetness.
  • Grown and harvested in the U.S. (Each bag is individually labeled)
  • All seed lots are tested for germination.
  • Country Creek LLC Brand

The Sparkler radish has a classic radish appearance. Its edible roots are petite spheres with thin wiry taproots. The skin's coloring is two-toned with the top of the roots near the plant's leaves a deep scarlet red and the bottom half, creamy white. The Sparkler radish's flesh is translucent white, crisp yet tender. Its flavor is mild and earthy with a subtle sweetness. Sparkler radishes can be served fresh (Raw) or cooked and served hot or cold. If cooking, the best method is slow-roasting as it will bring out a tender, rich and sweet quality in the radishes. Their vibrant coloring makes them a perfect fit for crudité plates or sliced and layered with butter on open faced sandwiches. Sparkler radishes pair well with chives, parsley, fennel, apple, cheeses such as feta and chèvre, butter, vinaigrettes, bacon, white fish, cucumbers, mild salad greens, cooked eggs, citrus, cilantro and mint.