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Squash Seeds, Golden Crookneck Squash, Heirloom, NON-GMO Seeds

  • $2.19

Yellow crookneck squash is a mild-flavored summer squash easily recognized by its shape -- a rounded bottom end that tapers to a narrow, bending stem. Most yellow crookneck squash varieties, such as "Golden Summer," have smooth skin. Some varieties, including "Early Yellow," display a bumpy rind. Unlike winter squash that's harvested when the rind is hard, summer squash such as yellow crookneck and zucchini are picked when the vegetable is immature and the skin is soft. Delicious. Tall, indeterminate vines provide bountiful harvest all season. High in Vitamins. To keep fruit clean and easier to pick, support with stakes or cages.

Squash requires at least 1 inch of water per week. Start seed indoors in a sunny location 4 weeks prior to warm weather.

Seed can be sown directly into garden when soil is warm. Transplant outdoors in full sun when seedlings display 4-6 leaves and weather is warm.

Zones 3-10