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Daikon Radish, Microgreen, Sprouting, NON GMO - Country Creek LLC Brand - High Sprout Germination- Edible Seeds, Gardening, Hydroponics, Growing Salad Sprouts

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Country Creek LLC

Daikon Radish Microgreen Seeds

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Description & Nutritional Value

Daikon Radish microgreens are substantial and crunchy and taste exactly like radish. Very easy and fast growers. Makes a great addition to any salad, sandwich or garnish. Use sparingly for a radish accent. A great way to ensure a year-round supply of fresh and nutritious greens is to start a microgreen farm at home.
The pleasantly peppery radish microgreens, which boast a flavor similar to that of root radishes, are easy to grow (also in winter) and a good choice for those who are new to growing edible microgreens at home. Harvested at about two inches tall, these peppery seedlings are great in salads and cold soups.
Their small size also makes them a great raw garnish to dishes that can benefit from a peppery element. Radish sprouts are an excellent source of folate, with 100 grams (3.5 ounces) of radish sprouts delivering almost a quarter of the Daily Value of folate. Folate is believed to promote cardiovascular health by breaking down homocysteine, an amino acid that is thought to promote atherosclerosis (fatty deposits in blood vessels). About half of people with cardiovascular disease have elevated homocysteine levels, compared with only 5% of the general population. In addition to providing tons of folate, radish sprouts contain plenty of vitamin B6, another nutrient that has been shown to break down homocysteine in the body.

Jar Sprouting - No Soil

SOAK- Put 1 to 2 Tbsp. seed in a wide mouth jar. Cover with mesh and secure with rubber band. Add water, swirl, and drain. Add 1 cup cool water and soak for 4-6 hours. Drain well.

RINSE - Twice a day, refill jar with cool water, swirl, and drain. Invert jar and prop at an angle in a sink or bowl.

Ready to eat in 4-5 days. Refrigerate to store. Sprouts can be refrigerated for up to two weeks in a sealed container. (Sprouts store best when they are fairly dry- do not store immediately after rinsing.) 

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Tray Sprouting - With Soil

Step 1. Look for an empty container that is at least two inches deep, and fill it with high quality, nutrient-rich potting mix. Distribute the daikon radish (kaiware) seeds evenly over the entire soil surface. If you detect any seed clusters, use a fork to spread them out.

Step 2. Place the container with the newly-sown daikon seeds near a south-facing window where the young radish seedlings will get plenty of sun. If your windows don't provide enough natural light, you may want to consider buying a grow light.

Step 3. Water the budding kaiware microgreens as needed. To be on a safe side, check the surface of the potting soil daily. One daily watering too few (or too many) may be enough to ruin your entire crop. To water your daikon microgreen garden, mist the soil gently but thoroughly using a spray bottle or a watering can with fine holes. If the container has drainage holes, you can also use bottom-watering by dipping the container into a tray filled with water. The soil in the container will absorb water through the drainage holes. When using bottom-watering, be careful not to over-water your seedlings by leaving the container in the water tray for too long.

Step 4. When your daikon microgreens have reached about two inches in height, use a pair of sharp scissors to cut them about 1/2 inch above the soil.

Step 5. To remove any dirt collected during the harvesting process, lay your kaiware crop on a cotton cloth and clean the greens.

Step 6. Eat the sprouts immediately after harvesting. Their peppery flavor makes them a great addition to salads and cold soups. They also make a beautiful and tasty garnish for sashimi dishes and open sandwiches.

Step 7. Once you've eaten the first crop, start a new daikon microgreen crop. Or, try growing other microgreens such as broccoli microgreens, romaine (cos) microgreens, garden cress, purslane microgreens, or baby tatsoi greens.

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All Seeds are grown and packaged in the U.S. (Each bag is individually labeled)

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All seed lots are tested for germination. 

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Works great with any type of sprouter.

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