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Garlic Chives Sprouting Seeds- Non-GMO Sprouting Seeds - Microgreens, Garden Planting, or planters Country Creek LLC. Brand.

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Country Creek LLC

Garlic Chives Microgreen Seeds

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Description & Nutritional Value

Garlic chives (Allium tuberosum) , also known as garlic chives, Oriental garlic, Asian chives, Chinese chives, Chinese leek, is scientifically classified as Kingdom: Plantae Clade: Angiosperms Clade: Monocots Order: Asparagales Family: Amaryllidaceae Subfamily: Allioideae Genus: Allium Species: A. tuberosum.

Its scientific name of Allium tuberosum is indicative of its oniony roots and falls among the family Liliaceae. Unlike onions or other types of garlic, however, the fibrous bulb is not edible but is grown rather for its flowers and stems. It is easy to differentiate between onion chives and garlic chives. Garlic chives have a flat, grass-like leaf, not a hollow one as do onion chives. They grow between 12 to 15 inches tall.

Garlic chives are rich in Vitamin C, which prevents from common cold and fever, also rich in riboflavin, potassium, vitamin A, iron, thiamin, and beta carotene. These elements help in blood count increase, maintaining blood pressure, and increasing immunity power.

How To Serve 

Chinese garlic chives have a strong, pungent “garlicky” flavor. They’re a great substitute for garlic when you don’t feel like smashing and peeling cloves.
Trim off the ends of garlic chives (if they are not already trimmed) and wash thoroughly before using. Chop the chives to release the flavor. For best results, add the chives near the end of the cooking process—otherwise, the flavor fades.

Chopped fresh garlic chives are often used to give a bit of extra flavor to a noodle stir-fry. You’ll find chopped garlic chives showing up in Chinese recipes for soups, stews, salads and meat marinades. Garlic chives make a flavourful alternative to regular chives in non-Asian dishes. Feel free to add a few snips of garlic chives the next time you’re preparing scrambled eggs or an omelet, or substitute them for regular chives in a recipe for herbed bread.

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Tray Sprouting - With Soil

-Plant 1-2 teaspoons of seed (for a 5x5 inch Tray) on thoroughly moistened medium.

-Cover your crop with another tray, or a plate - to keep light out and moisture in.

-Keep your medium moist by watering lightly as needed. Don't drench!
Use Coconut Coir and you likely won't have to water at all after planting!

-When your plants have begun to show leaves, remove cover and move your crop to a well lit location.

-Harvest when the leaves are open and an inch or three tall (day 5-14).

-Cut just above the medium, with a scissors or sharp knife.

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All Seeds are grown and packaged in the U.S. (Each bag is individually labeled)

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All seed lots are tested for germination. 

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Works great with any type of sprouter.

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